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NO COMMERCIAL COACHING. Only club approved coaches: Lead Tennis and Jenny Devivo

  • Courts 4 & 5 available to public and members - minimum 1 hour court hire for public <
  • Visitor Fees to be paid at time of booking
  • Bookings open 7 days in advance
  • As of 31 January 2022, USAGE LIMITED to 1 HOUR PER PERSON PER DAY after 3.00PM WEEKDAYS
  • No Ball Machines allowed on courts

  • No Dogs allowed on courts

    • Before attending LTC you should consider your individual situation noting that the COVID-19 virus can spread very quickly and result in very serious medical complications in some people. As with all activities, there are some inherent risks involved and by participating you are accepting those risks. LTC has no ability to monitor the age or medical condition of court users and shall not be held liable for any injury or ailment (such as infection by communicable disease) arising from the use of LTC facilities.

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    How to Book a Court on-line:
    1. Select the complex if required (see 1. above)
    2. Select a date from the calendar (see to the right)
    3. Select a court and time from the available slots (see below).
    4. A booking page will appear. Add your name(s), contact details and press the submit button.
    5. A payment page will appear. Click the "PayPal - pay now" button, (or the "Pay on Arrival" if displayed).
      Your payment must complete successfully or your booking will be deleted from the system
    6. If a court is booked, a confirmation email will be sent to you which provides proof of your booking.

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